Thursday, March 26, 2015

V & A travelling gallery comes to Stirling

The future is digital.
Well, we all know this but it still comes as a jolt when confronted with some of the latest technologies used in the creation of art.

jewellery designed by Lynne Maclachlan using computer software and 3Dprinting.

Today the Design in Motion exhibition, a collaboration between the V&A museum

and the Travelling Gallery came to Stirling.

All the designers featured use digital technologies to push the boundaries of their discipline enabling them to create work that is totally knew and unexpected.

One of the most innovative is this piece by Geoffrey Mann where he has used a 3D printer to visualise the fluttering of a moth. Mann, Director in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art, is fascinated by the idea of transforming the ephemeral nature of time and motion into forms that we can see using photographic and digital technologies.

Geoffrey Mann's printed 3D image inspired by the fluttering of a moth.

For those who love playing computer games

Strawberry Thief, based on a William Morris fabric, offers an expressive, creative and immersive experience. Even if you are of the generation that I am and hate the idea of computer games I must confess that this one did offer a zen like experience, maybe because it is designed by a young woman, Sophia George, still in her early twenties and the first ever V& A Game Designer in Residence.

Strawberry Thief, computer game designed by Sophia George.

You can download this app free from the App Store.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

How to avoid writing...

Faced with a blank sheet of paper, or a computer screen these days, I go through a whole series of displacement activities to avoid the inevitable  writing.

Well, this morning I began  the task of turning another of my blogs into a book but first there was  a whole series of excuses to avoid starting and it culminated in rearranging some flowers on the kitchen table into this little tableau "Kitchen Still Life".

What tactics do you have for avoid doing something you know you are going to have to? My favourite methods of procrastinations include going for a long walk ( I did), cleaning the house (ditto) de-clutteirng a room (ditto) so after all that there was not much left apart from making another cup of coffee,  reading the Guardian (again) and finally re-arranging those flowers....

And yes I did get started, since you ask.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Paolozzi book

This is finished! well, hopefully all the loose ends are now tied up and the book is almost ready for publication.

Delighted to see that the book will contain lots of my photographs, and these were taken in the pre-digital age .

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Masterclass with Paolozzi

Have started proof-reading my book on "Masterclass with Paolozzi" or rather Malcolm, my husband, a stickler for grammar, punctuation, and all things correct is now immersed in it.

Publication date has been brought forward. It could be as early as March.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Well, I have finally sent off all the photos to accompany the manuscript on Paolozzi to the publisher, Boyd and Kennedy.
Hoping for publication date early June.

This photo was taken inside Paolozzi's studio .

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Immersive and interactive-is that the future?

I was at a classical concert the other night and I could not help but notice the age profile of the people there.
Was there anyone there under 50?

In fact the whole experience seemed dated: row after row of people sitting passively in silence for several hours listening to music.

Then throw in the fact that I could have heard better quality at home downloaded free from Spotify.

But there is something special about watching live performances and that will be why concerts survive in the future.

 Somehow though I sense they are going to have to update that experience.

Cinemas face a different problem.

They are worried about getting “bums on seats”.
Last year saw a 17 per cent drop in attendance amongst young people in the 17-24 age group,
those who have grown up accustomed to interacting with digital technologies since the moment they could hold electronic devices.

Now studios are fighting back. Coming soon to a cinema near you, well if you happen to live in the US, are cinemas, which are

Not only will your seat vibrate but you will be surrounded by special effects: bubbles, sprayed water, smells, vibrating seats.....

Will it ever reach Scotland?

Image: To sleep perchance to dream- whalebone carving by Eskimo placed in Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan

Global sharing of culture

Within a few seconds of uploading this photo of 74 year old tap-dancer Rosemary McGregor on to a social media site - Blipfoto- today I got a response from South Africa and it made me aware yet again of the different way we consumer culture and participate in it today.

Yesterday was another example of a global sharing of photographs on Blipfoto around one theme- Season-
with around 100 participating.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Chase

This is the first film we have made on our evening filmmaking course at Forth Valley College, Stirling.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Artists studios

What kind of studio space do artists require?

Traditionally the answer was simple: a big, airy space with north facing windows and affordable.
WASPS, a Scottish based charity, aim to provide such spaces and they were in Stirling last week doing a presentation.

Chris of WASPS (pictured) pointed out that the kind of space artists require these days is changing.

One new interesting venture is their South Block in Glasgow, a new studio complex with 64 studios as well as facilities for hot-desking and commercial offices too.

A more radical approach  is the  The Bothy Project , an innovative private enterprise that offers artists the chance to make work in remote  corners of the Scottish landscape from forests to an isolated Hebridian island.

And then there is the other extreme-, which I inhabited today- a virtual space shared with photographers on a global online photographic project .

So when we talk of space for artists we have to start thinking outside the box.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Creative Stirling

I have been invited to join the board of Creative Stirling and I attended the first meeting last night. It quickly emerged that the old ways of working no longer operate in the new digital age. What the future holds for the creative industries is uncertain but one thing we can be sure: it will be very different from the past.
Exciting  times lie ahead!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chicago- Past and Present

Dinosaur-  The Field Museum, Chicago

“ I want to buy a gun,” said Tyler striding bare-foot through the busy Saturday open market in Chicago’s South Side, the murder capital of America.

 I pop my video camera inside my anorak. Just incase.
Maybe this was not such a great idea after all.
 Here I am on exchange from Glasgow School of Art to the Chicago School of the Art Institute and I had the idea of filming in this notorious area. My contacts assure me I am safe with Tyler.

The memory of that morning came flooding back today when I listened to an item on
 "The Zeitgeisters: Theaster Gates BBC Radio 4 on Theaster Gates, the conceptual artist based in this area of Chicago where he is renovating old buildings and selling bits of them off, carefully framed, to art collectors for eye-watering sums of money.

He is a conceptual artist with impeccable credentials who believes in the power of art for political purposes to regenerate whole communities.
 Find out more about this artist who challenges what it means to be an artist in todays.

As for the gun?
Well we stopped beside a big black limousine where two Afro Americans were sitting in the boot with their wares waiting for business.

“What you looking for?” said one.
 “ A gun.”
“What sort of gun?”
“Staple gun.”
They shake their heads. We walk on.

And you can see a clip from that morning on YouTube The WoodLot.